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What's New / Upcoming Changes

The following changes are applied with the latest update v1.20.63

Minor improvements have been made to the FPS

  • The FPS screen now closes correctly after printing
  • Weekly and Monthly employees appear correctly in the Employee Selection grid according to the option selected
  • An error 13 logging into a company which sometimes occurred after a Combined FPS has been resolved

Payments and Deductions


An error 9 which occasionally occurred when payments or deductions were deleted has been resolved

Automatic Enrolment

  • Worker Status is now retained correctly following Opt-in
  • The Opt-out Reference is being validated correctly
  • An Error 3163 following the Refund Due warning has been resolved
  • Pension Remittance Date buttons are setting values correctly
  • Contributions are backdated correctly when manually un-setting the Exclude flag on the NEST - Contribution Schedule

The following changes are applied with the latest update v1.20.60

Workplace Pension Reform (WPR)


IRIS Payroll Professional has been updated to help you with Workplace Pension Reform. A number of features have been added to IRIS Payroll Professional to enable you to manage your new or existing Workplace Pension Scheme more effectively. These will mostly be contained within the new Pension menu.

Compacting Databases Progress Bar


When opening each company for the first time after installing this update, a progress bar will be displayed as IRIS Payroll Professional compacts the databases prior to updating them.

NOTE: This may take some time; do not attempt to cancel the process

New message type from HMRC


HMRC are introducing a new type of DPS message called Generic Messages. These will be notifications that contain information relating to Reminders, Instructions, Warnings, Events etc. These messages will be included in the existing process for downloading messages from HMRC.



The Hash Code required for RTI has been added to the BACS schedule report. To see the new version of the report you must reselect your BACS from the library. If you have a bespoke BACS report you will need to install the new version of the BACS schedule using the Report Table.

Trivial Commutation Payments


A trivial commutation pension payment is a one-off lump sum that pays off or is paid in place of a small pension, so that there's no need to make the usual weekly, monthly or annual payments. Typically, these one-off payments are used if the regular payments would be very small.

The ability to record Trivial Commutation Payments has been added to the Starter Details | Pensioner tab. This information will be reported via the FPS.

In certain circumstances 25% of the payment could be tax free however further information regarding Trivial Commutation Payments can be found via the following links:


Period of Inactivity – No Employees Will Be Paid in Future Months


If you know that for a future period of one or more complete tax months within the tax year, you will have no paid employees or directors (no FPS submissions will be made), you can send an EPS to let HMRC know you won’t be sending an FPS for any of these months.

Tick the ‘No Employees Will Be Paid In Future Months’ box and enter the start date of the first tax month of the 'period of inactivity' in the Date From field. This date must be the start of the next tax month, i.e. the 6th of the calendar month immediately after the month you send the EPS. This must be done in the tax month before the period of inactivity starts.

RTI Fields for FPS


IRIS Payroll Professional omits employees from the FPS if they have zero Taxable and NIable Gross in the pay period. This will continue unless the new On Strike or Employee Requested Zero Contracted Hours boxes are ticked.

A new RTI button has been added to the Input/Edit Payroll Details screen. This button opens a new RTI Fields for FPS screen, allowing you to tick three new options to appear on the FPS.

  • On Strike
  • Employee Requested Zero Contracted Hours
  • You can also select under the Payment to Other section Payment to a Non-Individual for instance full payment going to a charity

Please note: if you tick one of the boxes, it will remain ticked for all subsequent payroll runs for the employee until you un-tick the box.

Normal Hours Worked Per Week


The Normal Hours Worked per Week field has changed to allow you to select a category from a drop down list instead of entering in an amount. You won’t need to make any changes to existing employees as they will be updated automatically.

Last FPS/EPS Warnings


A new tab called RTI Warnings has been added to the Online Services | Configuration screen. This new feature allows you to set up messages to advise when the last FPS or EPS was successfully submitted. These messages will appear on opening the relevant company

First FPS not the first sent to HMRC


We have added an option when sending a first FPS to select if it’s the first FPS for the company or just the first sent via IRIS Payroll Professional.

When an FPS is sent, IRIS Payroll Professional checks whether it is a first FPS or not. If it is, IRIS Payroll Professional will display the message: If you select Yes, all employees are included in the submission; if No then only the employees paid in the period are included

Changes to EYU screen


The EYU screen has been updated to include the tax code basis (week/month1)

Surname/Forename Field in Employee Details


You are now able to enter up to 35 characters in the Surname and Forename1 fields

New Net to Gross Single Payment option


This new option allows you to pay an employee normally and also put one amount through Net to Gross, for example a net bonus.

If you select this type of payment then during the payroll run IRIS Payroll Professional will:

  • Calculate the employee’s net pay using all the pay elements except the Net to Gross Single Payment value
  • Add the Net to Gross Single Payment to the previously calculated net pay
  • Calculate the total gross amount figure for the total net pay including the Net to Gross Single Payment
  • Calculate the difference between the original gross pay and the new gross pay to find the gross figure for the Net to Gross Single Payment

The gross figure for the Net to Gross Single Payment will be displayed on the Preview screen and also on the printed payslips and/or reports.

The following changes are scheduled for future updates

Add Direct Earning Attachment (DEA)


A legislative change. The new DEA works in a similar way to the existing AEOs and DEOs

Add new BACS layout for Co-op/Clydesdale/Yorkshire Bank BACS RTI


For inclusion of the RTI hash tag (Random Number).

Update Teachers’ Pension calculation


To cater for employees receiving pro rata payments

Payment after leaving from the previous tax year


Allow leavers from previous tax year to be restored for "payment after leaving."

Removal of SSP Recovery


From 2014/2015 HMRC have removed the facility to allow employers to recovery SSP.

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