What's New / Upcoming changes

The following changes are applied in the latest update v5.14.0.9

FPS - Amending YTD Values


The issue with an FPS not including figures if an employee’s year to date values had been amended via Utilities has now been resolved.



You can now select the Student Loan Indicator together with Existing employee (this is not a new employee), if required.



The issue when printing via History | Reports where the default period was changing back to 9 has been resolved.

Irregular Payment


Issues experienced when scrolling backwards and forwards through employee records where the Irregular Payment indicator was ticked have been resolved.

FPS - New Starter Indicator


The following problem has been fixed in this release; if changes were made to Employee Details for an existing employee with the Student Loan ticked in the Starter Declaration, the FPS was marking the individual as a new employee.

The following features are applied with the update v5.14.0.8

Workplace Pension Reform (WPR)


IRIS PAYE-Master has been updated to help you with Workplace Pension Reform, which affects all employers with at least one worker in the UK. The Government have introduced Workplace Pension Reform to address the issues that prevent people saving into a pension.

A detailed Pensions Guide is available here

Small Employer Relief


A warning message has been added to the process of clearing Year-end Totals from the Year-End Menu. The warning message will prompt you to check if Small Employer Relief should be enabled or disabled for the new tax year.

Hours Worked per Week


The Hours Worked per Week numeric field in Employee Details | Pay Rates has been changed to a dropdown box allowing you to choose the Hours Worked per Week from the following:

  • A – Up to 15.99 hours
  • B – 16 – 29.99 hours
  • C – 30 hours of more
  • D - Other

New employees will have the field set as default to D - Other

Current employees the value will be set to the relevant category depending on the value currently entered into the field.

The Employee Record report has also been amended to incorporate the new bands for Hours Worked per Week.

Lloyds Telepay


A new Lloyds/NatWest Telepay report has been added to IRIS PAYE-Master to match the same format as the Lloyds/NatWest layout. This report will be available in the Report Selector and also under Optional Reports.

Employee Maintenance


The Employee Maintenance menu includes the following:

Alter YTD Values for a leaver

A new menu item Alter YTD Values for a Leaver has been added to Utilities | Employee Maintenance. This facility has been added to allow you to amend an individual’s Year To-Date values. This function is only to be used to cater for the following situation:

  • An employee left the company in a previous period and pay continued to be processed, resulting in FPS submissions including pay details for the employee after they had left (where the employee did not physically receive the pay)

This new feature will allow you to submit the correct Year To-Date figures for the employee in the FPS for the current period. We recommend you contact IRIS PAYE-Master support for assistance if you need to use this facility.

Delete Employee

The Delete Employee option has been moved from Utilities | Delete Employee to Utilities | Employee Maintenance | Delete Employee

Date of Birth


It is now possible to create an employee record without the Date of Birth being entered. However, the Date of Birth field requires completion prior to sending an FPS.

Company Details Report


The Accounts Office No has been added to the Company Details Report.

In Year Movements


The In Year Movements tab card has been renamed Starter/Leaver.

Trivial Commutation Payments


The ability to report Trivial Commutation Payments has been added to Starter/Leaver | Pension screen. This information will be reported via the FPS.

In certain circumstances 25% of the payment could be tax free however further Information regarding Trivial Commutation Payments can be found via the following links:


Enter Variations


A new tab has been added to IRIS PAYE-Master; RTI Sundry.

This tab allows you to choose Reasons for Unpaid Leave from the following:

  • On Strike
  • Employee Requested Zero Contracted Hours

You can also select under the Payment to Other section Payment to a Non-Individual for instance full payment going to a charity.

Please note: if you tick one of the boxes, it will remain ticked for all subsequent payroll runs for the employee until you un-tick the box.

Employer Payment Summary


The following on the EPS have been renamed:

  • No Payment for Period now No Payments Due

  • No employees paid (no Tax & NIC liability) to No Employees Paid in Current Month
    • You are required to complete the Date From and Date To fields
  • Ceased Trading to Ceased Trading Date
  • CIS Deductions to CIS Deductions Suffered

Period of inactivity

The option No Employees will be paid in Future Months has been added to the EPS allowing you to inform HMRC that you do not intend to pay any employees for a certain period of time, currently capped to 6 months by HMRC. If you use this option, HMRC will not expect FPS and EPS returns for the specified period.

The option to send an Employer Payment Summary for a company which has no employees has been added to IRIS PAYE-Master.

We have also added the facility to send an EPS indicating no employees have been paid and declare CIS Deductions suffered.

Full Payment Submission


When you create a new Company and send an FPS, the system checks to see if this is the first time an FPS has been sent in IRIS PAYE-Master.

If the system will ask you to to confirm that this is the first submission for this PAYE reference.

Earlier Year Update


The option to indicate an employee’s tax code basis for instance week / month 1 has been added to the Earlier Year Update facility.

BACS Schedule


The BACS Schedule now has a column displaying the Random Number.

The following changes are scheduled for future updates

Include option to enter P46 Expat information


P46(Expat) forms are used when an employee has been seconded to work in the UK, i.e.

  • individuals working wholly or partly in the UK for a UK-resident employer on assignment while remaining employed by an overseas employer
  • individuals assigned to work wholly or partly in the UK at a recognised branch of their overseas employer's business
  • individuals included in an employer's dedicated expatriate PAYE scheme
  • individuals included in an employer's expatriate modified PAYE scheme

Direct Earnings Attachment (DEA)


A legislative change.  The new DEA works in a similar way to the existing AEOs

RTI BACS format for Clydesdale/Yorkshire/Coop


For the inclusion of the RTI hash tag (random number)

Update to Normal Hours worked bandings


To reflect legaslative changes from the HMRC

Payment after leaving from the previous tax year


Ability to make "Payments after leaving" to employees who left in the previous tax year using the same payroll record.

Removal of SSP Recovery


Removal of SSP Recovery function only applies from tax year 2014/2015 onwards. It will still be available up to an including tax year 2013/2014.

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