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What's new / Upcoming changes

The following changes are applied with the latest update v2.9.44



An issue with an employee not being made a leaver when you click print to preview the report for a P45 has now been resolved.

Auto Update


This update resolves the issue that some customers were experiencing problems following the installing via auto update. This issue was due to the registry keys required to run the software being unavailable on the relevant machine.



This issue may occur when company data is not stored in the same location as the program. Employees who have left in a previous pay period and have already had leaving date included in an FPS are being included in subsequent Full Payment Submissions.

The following changes are applied with the update v2.9.41

Workplace Pension Reform (WPR)


IRIS Bureau Payroll has been updated to help you with Workplace Pension Reform which affects all employers with at least one worker in the UK. The Government have introduced Workplace Pension Reform to address the issues that prevent people saving into a pension.

A detailed Pensions Guide is available here

Tax & NI Rates


You can now print the Employer DEO schedule from Pay | Print Summaries

Configure Payment/Deduction


The field displayed when editing or adding a payment/deduction called ‘Pensionable’ has been renamed ‘Pensionable Earnings’. A new tick box has also been added called ‘Qualifying Earnings’.

Employee Details


A new field, Country has been added to Employee Details | Personal tab. If a UK Postcode exists the Country will default to United Kingdom.

Auto Download Function


A new feature has been added to IRIS Bureau Payroll for any updates following the Summer 2013 release. During the login process, the system will automatically check that you are on the latest version of the software. If a newer version is found, a message will be displayed giving you the opportunity to download.

There are different types of update that may be available:

  • Non-critical update – can be downloaded/installed at your convenience
  • Payroll critical update – strongly advised that you download/install immediately
  • Legislation critical update – this update must be installed before performing year end procedures

A manual process is also available in order that you can check for updates and download them at your convenience. This is also useful if you have previously selected ‘Ask Me Later’ on the download message. To access the manual process, go to ‘Help’ | ‘About IRIS Payroll’ then select ‘Check for Updates’.

Trivial Commutation Payments


A Trivial Commutation Payment is a one-off lump sum that pays off or is paid in place of a small pension, so that there's no need to make the usual weekly, monthly or annual payments. Typically, these one-off payments are used if the regular payments would be very small.

The ability to record Trivial Commutation Payments has been added to the Employee | Starter Details | Pensioner tab. This information will be reported via the FPS.

In certain circumstances 25% of the payment could be tax free however further information regarding Trivial Commutation Payments can be found via the following links:


RTI Fields for FPS


A new button has been added to the Pay | Enter Variations tab which allows you to choose Reasons for Unpaid Leave from the following:

  • On Strike
  • Employee Requested Zero Contracted Hours

You can also select under the Payment to Other section Payment to a Non-Individual for instance full payment going to a charity.

Please note: if you tick one of the boxes, it will remain ticked for all subsequent payroll runs for the employee until you un-tick the box.

Employer Payment Summary


The following on the EPS have been renamed:

  • No employees paid (no Tax & NIC liability) to No Employees Paid in Current Month
    • You are required to complete the Date From and Date To fields
  • CIS Deductions to CIS Deductions Suffered

Period of inactivity

The option No Employees will be paid in Future Months has been added to the EPS allowing you to inform HMRC that you do not intend to pay any employees for a certain period of time, currently capped to 6 months by HMRC. If you use this option, HMRC will not expect FPS and EPS returns for the specified period.

Hours worked per week


The Hours Worked Per Week numeric field in Employee Details | Personal tab has been changed to a dropdown box allowing you to choose the Hours Worked Per Week from the following:

  • A – Up to 15.99 hrs
  • B – 16 – 29.99 hrs
  • C – 30 hrs or more
  • D - Other

New employees will have the field set as default to D - Other

Current employees the value will be set to the relevant category depending on the value currently entered into the field.

First FPS not the first sent to HMRC


We have added an option when sending a first FPS to select if it’s the first FPS for the company or just the first sent via IRIS Bureau Payroll

When an FPS is sent, IRIS Bureau Payroll checks whether it is a first FPS or not. If it is, IRIS Bureau Payroll will ask if you want to treat this as the 1st submission for the PAYE reference

If you select Yes, all employees are included in the submission; if No then only the employees paid in the period are included.

Pay Elements Analysis Report


Amendments have been made to the Pay Elements Analysis Report. Changes include:

  • New Factor column added
  • Employee Amount column for hourly rates section will be displayed to 2 decimal places

For the new changes to take effect you need to reselect the report via Reports | Report Manager | Summary

Attachment of Earnings Orders


A Stop Date field has been added to the Create and Edit screens for Attachment of Earnings types:

  • DEO (CSA)
  • DEO (CSA) - % PEP

If a Stop Date is entered, this will stop any further deductions being taken for periods that include the Stop Date or thereafter.

BACS Schedule


The BACS Schedule now has a column displaying the Hash Code (also referred to as Random Number).

BACS File Extensions


The following file extensions have been renamed:

Bank of Scotland Corporate Hobs (NDP)

  • Has been renamed from bacsout.XXX to bacsXXX.txt where XXX = Company ID

Bank of Scotland Hobs (BACS)

  • Has been renamed from bacsout.XXX to bacsXXX.txt where XXX = Company ID

OpenPayslips from IRIS


OpenPayslips is a new way to distribute your payslips to your employees. OpenPayslips allows you to publish payslips electronically from within your payroll software to a secure online payslip portal. Once your employees have registered they are able to quickly view all of their current and historic payslips in one easy to access, secure area.

Further information can be found here

The following changes are scheduled for future updates

Add Direct Earning Attachment (DEA)


A legislative change. The new DEA works in a similar way to the existing AEOs and DEOs and carry over).

New BACS layout for Clydesdale/Yorkshire/Co-op


New BACS format to include RTI hash tag (random number).

Individual report printer settings


We have been asked if reports can be printed to specific report trays, even more so reports that require pre-printed stationery, for example P60’s and payslips. This change will allow users to specify report settings for reports including printers, paper source and sort orders.

Restore leaver from previous tax years


Allow users to restore a leaver from a previous tax year for a "payment after leaving" using the origional emplyee record.

Removal of SSP Recovery


From 14/15 the HMRC are removing the recovery of SSP paid.

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