Adding employees

Required Setup Information


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Before you can use IRIS OpenPayroll to create payslips, you must have at least one employee in your company for whom you have completed all the required setup fields.

If you already have payroll software that you are moving from, you should be able to collect this information from your existing software's employee information screen.

Information you'll need

  1. Join date - Date the employee started their current period of employment with your company.
  2. Employee address and postcode
  3. Current marital status and date of birth
  4. Tax code - Normally you'll get this from a P45 form for a new starter or your previous payroll system. If you don't have one you can temporarily use the current emergency tax code, which is the default supplied by IRIS OpenPayroll.
  5. Tax calculation method- Normally you'll get this from a P45 form for a new starter or your previous payroll system. 
  6. National Insurance Number (NINO) and Category - If you don't have this information to hand (e.g. on a P45), or you can request it from HMRC.
  7. Employee banking information (optional) - If you plan to pay this employee by electronic transfer (BACs) you will need their bank account name, number and sort code to hand.
  8. Opening balances.

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