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What's new P11d v1.12.0


IRIS P11d is simple to use and helps avoid penalties for incorrect or late submissions. With car emissions database and automatic completion of complex calculations, IRIS P11d makes statutory form completion even faster.

As this update contains important year end legislation changes to your IRIS P11d software, please download and install as soon as possible.

IRIS P11d v1.12.0 is fully prepared for producing reports for the 2012/13 Tax Year. The installation is simple and only takes a few minutes to complete.

The following amendments will take effect once the April 2013 update for IRIS P11d has been installed.


  • The emissions threshold has been reduced to 120g/km
  • The 10% calculation only applies to cars with emissions up to 99g/km. Percentage calculations for cars with emissions of 100g/kmrise by 1% every 5g/km
  • The car fuel benefit charge has been increased to £20,200
  • The rules for Qualifying Low Emission Car Category (QUALEC) (CO2 emission not exceeding 120g/km) have been abolished


The interest rate remains at 4% for Living Accommodation


The interest rate remains at 4% for Loan Benefits


All worksheets have been updated for 2012/2013


  • The P11D format has been updated for 2012/13
  • The P9D format has been updated for 2012/13
  • The P11D(b) format has been updated for 2012/13
  • There is a new P46(car) format to be used from April 2013

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