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What's new IRIS Payroll for Accountants v2.8.0


What's New in IRIS Payroll for Accountants?

IRIS Payroll for Accountants delievers a comprehensive bureau solution for accountants offering a client payroll service.

IRIS Bureau Payroll introduces significant new functionality for April 2013. The new functionality includes:

Real Time Information (RTI) Ready

IRIS Bureau Payroll now has the ability to report Real Time Information to HMRC each pay period.
Real Time Information (RTI) is a new system for reporting Pay, Tax, National Insurance and other details about your clients’ employees to HMRC.
It is thought that by collecting payroll data in real time, individual’s tax deductions will be more accurate throughout the year. The intention is also to make the PAYE system easier to operate thus releasing the burden on employers and providing better tax administration to HMRC.
Employers will still be responsible for all tax deductions and calculations but instead of submitting this data once a year to HMRC, the requirement is to return year to date figures at the same time as payment is made to employees, be that weekly, fortnightly or monthly.
We have provided a comprehensive RTI Guide that will give you an overview of what Real Time Information (RTI) for PAYE is, as well as how it is going to work within the payroll software.
We strongly recommend you take time to read the RTI Guide, in particular the sections; ‘What is RTI and how will it affect me?’and ‘What do I need to do first?’ now, as there are some vital things to do in the payroll to prepare for RTI, prior to running your first payroll in the 2013/14 tax year.
IRIS Personal Tax also has a new toolbar featuring new icons, a fresh look and feel and clear informative labels. This addresses concerns raised by a number of customers.

To print the RTI Guide:
• Select ‘Help’ | ‘RTI Guide’ or alternatively
• Select ‘Online Filing’ | ‘RTI Guide’

NOTE: If you have been part of the RTI pilot, please re-read the RTI Guide as new features have been added and some procedures changed.

Employer DEO Schedule
The ability to print the Employer DEO Schedule from Pay | Print Summaries has been added.

Selecting the Tax Year
When creating a new company, the ability to select the Tax Year in Company Details has been added. Once the Payroll Calendar has been created the Tax Year field will be disabled.

Client Authorisation Report
A button, Client Authorisation, has been added to the Online Filing tab enabling you to print the report from this location.

New RTI fields have been added to the conversion utility.

P46 (short)
A plain paper version of the P46 (Short) Report has been added to IRIS Bureau Payroll. To select this report click Reports | Reports Manager | Employee, then select P46 (Short) Report. The report can be printed via Reports | Employee Reports. This report is only for use once the company is enabled for RTI.

Student Loan Threshold
The Student Loan threshold will increase from 6 April 2013 to£16,365.

V Suffix Tax Codes
With effect from 6 April 2013, in line with HMRC guidelines, V suffix tax codes have been removed. V suffix tax codes will automatically be changed to L suffix tax codes during the year end restart process.
Form P38(S)
From 6 April 2013, Form P38(s) will be withdrawn and students will be treated in the same way as all other employees for PAYE tax and NIC purposes regardless of when they work for you. Students will be issued with a Tax Code from HMRC.

Earnings Arrestment Orders
The new rates for Earnings Arrestment Orders have been added from 6 April 2013.

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