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What's New / Upcoming Changes

The following changes are applied with the v1.21.0.E Update

OpenPayslips from IRIS


OpenPayslips is a new way to distribute your payslips to your employees. OpenPayslips allows you to publish payslips electronically from within your payroll software to a secure online payslip portal. Once your employees have registered they are able to quickly view all of their current and historic payslips in one easy to access, secure area.

All payslip information is taken directly from the payroll software and therefore the payslip will be displayed exactly how you are used to seeing them. Because they are in the cloud they can be accessed anywhere that you have an internet connection

Benefits to the client

  • Quick and easy to setup with no software to install
  • Increases your payroll processing efficiency
  • Reduces your carbon footprint demonstrating an environmentally friendly pay solution
  • Reduces your payslip distribution costs including printing, postage and processing costs
  • Low cost and fully secure

Benefits to the employees

  • Allows employees immediate 24/7 access to their pay details
  • Employees can access payslips anytime saving you time having to produce copy payslips
  • Give your employees a greener way to receive their pay details therefore contribution to your clients environmental policies

How to start using OpenPayslips:

Nest Contribution Schedule


The NEST Contribution Schedule has been amended to only include the Qualifying Earnings between the Qualifying Earnings Lower and Qualifying Earnings Upper limits, when the employee’s NEST pension deduction is the new Percentage Auto Enrolment type.

NEST Enrolling Workers File


The NEST enrolling workers file now has the correct amount of commas. Postcode has been moved to position 15.

NEST Enrolling workers and Contribution Schedule CSV files


Spaces at the ends of the header and detail lines in the CSV files created by the NEST Enrolling Workers and Contribution Schedules have been removed.

Auto-enrolling zero salary employees


An Error 5 which occurred when automatically enrolling/postponing employees with zero salary and hours has been repaired

Improvements to Automatic Enrolment

  • Any employee whose worker status is ‘Non-eligible’ or ‘Entitled Worker,’ and has Member of Qualifying Scheme ticked, will always be assessed
  • After processing the payroll, a report is now printed listing all employees who have been automatically enrolled during the payroll and then had their earnings reduced on a payroll re-run. The report only prints if there are applicable employees

Accounts Link Improvements


The link to Great Plain Dynamic has been improved

The following changes are due to be incorporated in future updates.

Added functionality for Earlier Year Update (EYU) submissions.


There will be a new feature added called Earlier Year Update in EARNIE IQ.  This allows users to alter an individual employee’s YTD values from the previous tax year that were submitted via FPS to HMRC.  

New BACS layout for Co-op/Clydesdale/Yorkshire Bank


Added new BACS layout for Co-op/Clydesdale/Yorkshire Bank BACS to cater for the Random Number as part of the RTI submissions

Allow payment after leaving in previous tax year.


Allow user to restore employees that left in the previous tax year. The function will only be available to make a payment after leaving i.e. the payment after leaving flag will be set in the next FPS and the payroll calculation for PAYE will be on tax code 0T Week1/Month1.

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