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For large organisations with more than 250 employees


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Earnie is a range of scalable, flexible payroll solutions for large organisations.

Dependable, easy-to-use payroll software is essential to reduce the time and effort involved in accurately administering your payroll. 

  • Designed to manage your specific business requirements for up to 1000 employees.
  • Processes your payroll quickly and easily, while handling the most complex payroll requirements.
  • Intuitive and easy-to-use
  • HMRC recognised and RTI compliant


  • Ideal for businesses with up to 10,000 employees
  • Imports data from your existing payroll system
  • HMRC recognised and RTI compliant
  • Expert technical support available 

We offer a range of professional managed payroll services to help you get the most from Earnie.

  • We take responsibility for processing and managing your payroll data and will answer your employee queries
  • We liaise with third party agencies such as HMRC, Pensions Providers and Local Authorities
  • You just tell us who to pay and how much and we will take care of the rest
  • Allows you to easily record and calculate your employee’s taxable benefits
  • It integrates with your EARNIE payroll so you don’t have to re-key the information and it’s approved by HMRC
  • IRIS payroll and accounting stationery will ensure your business looks professional and as it is guaranteed to work with your IRIS software it makes printing easy.
  • Everything from payslips to P60s, bookkeeping statements, invoices and envelopes
  • A secure web based solution that allows your employees to access, and download their e-payslips via an online portal
  • Allows you to publish payslips electronically from within your payroll software to a secure online e-payslip portal
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