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Welcome to the IRIS OpenDocs Resource Portal. Here you will find a range of material that will enhance your experience of the IRIS OpenDocs product. 

Delivering on the Accountants dream of the “Paperless Office” document management is all about having electronic access to the correct documents whenever and wherever you need them.

Getting started guide This guide is intended to introduce the Invu Series 6 and help you get started. You will learn how to:

  • Switch to different Modes
  • Bring documents into Series 6
  • File documents away
  • Quickly and effortlessly retrieve documents through the Search and Explore features
  • View the contents of a selected document
  • Make changes to a selected document 

IRIS OpenDocs Page Separator When scanning several documents insert this page between each document. This ensures each document is stored separatly rather than as a single document.

Document Management solutions for Accountancy Practices report, from IRIS Accountancy Practice Solutions and Invu, discusses how a document management system (DMS) can help accountancy practices by streamlining business processes, shrinking operating costs, improving customer service and creating a more efficient and profitable business.

Invu and IRIS have worked together to build a system that automatically files all your accountancy practice documents as you work. This datasheet provides an overview of IRIS OpenDocs and its capabilities.


The system not only files the document against the right client, but also by the correct job, e.g. accounts, tax, payroll, general correspondence etc., making all documents easily and quickly accessible when you need to retrieve them Watch here  

See the experiences of one of our clients Watch Video