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IRIS Company Formations


Save time and money on forming companies online with IRIS Company Formations software.

Highlights of IRIS Company Formations software

  • Free staff time for higher value work through automated, quick and simple incorporation of companies
  • Ensure nothing is missed as updates for pending application status are detected direct from Companies House
  • IRIS Company Formations checks for availability of the client’s chosen company name, incorporates private companies limited by shares, attaches supporting data documents, files same day (optional) and files online, in addition to eliminating formation agent costs
  • Step-by-step formation wizard to guide data entry
  • Save up to £70 per formation by filing electronically
  • Fast client creation - identical clients with different business names created with one click
  • Draws on information already stored within the IRIS database to save time and effort and flows information from company formation, such as directors and share capital, back into the database
  • Store multiple types of standard wording for easy application to other companies' Memorandum and Articles of Association


“We used the services of a company formations agent but now we can form new companies for clients ourselves; the time and cost savings are substantial.”

Luke Desmond

Churchill Knight Associates


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