Rentadesk recently decided to move their payroll to the cloud using IRIS OpenPayroll, online payroll from IRIS Software. We spoke with founder and CEO of Rentadesk, Bleddyn Williams, to find out more about what led to this decision, as well as his experiences using IRIS OpenPayroll.

Bleddyn Williams set up Rentadesk in 2005 as a way of offering accessible office space to anyone who needed it, all at an affordable price. In the years since, the company has continued to grow, providing a unique working environment to a range of different enterprising individuals.

Bleddyn has already ran his own payroll, using traditional desktop software, but when he heard that his current provider would not be updating their software in time to handle HMRC’s RTI legislation, it was time to start pursuing alternative options.

“I don’t have a background in payroll, and had been using the same software for quite some time, so when I needed to change, I initially asked my accountant for advice. He showed me a number of free software options which I could download, but none of these felt right” Bleddyn commented.

“I prefer to use a Mac if possible, and the majority of the payroll software options I looked at weren’t compatible with Macs.”

When Bleddyn came across IRIS OpenPayroll, straight away the solution seemed to fit his requirements.

“Ever since starting Rentadesk I have been migrating my business to the cloud. I was already using cloud based solutions for most of my business, so having cloud based payroll software was a big factor in making my choice. The fact that IRIS OpenPayroll is Mac compatible was an added bonus.”

IRIS OpenPayroll is based entirely in the cloud, meaning Bleddyn didn’t have to worry about technical issues affecting his work, and could remain confident that all of his payroll data would be regularly backed up and remain secure.

“IRIS OpenPayroll seemed to fit into my business ethos, allowing me to run my payroll from wherever I want, without having to reinstall software on multiple machines.”

RTI was the biggest single change to payroll in 70 years and IRIS OpenPayroll was designed specifically to handle these new requirements.

“A lot of payroll software seemed to be trying to catch up with RTI, whereas IRIS OpenPayroll was built specially for this legislation. The automatic RTI filing function is fantastic, as I don’t have to worry about making submissions, they are all handled for me at the click of a button. It just seemed to be perfect timing for me and for Rentadesk.”

When asked how he had found running his payroll with IRIS OpenPayroll, Bleddyn concluded “the interface is so simple and easy to understand, I would definitely recommend it to other business owners in my position. I can simply repeat my payroll each month and everything happens automatically. It only takes a few minutes each month and gives me more time to focus on the rest of my business.”

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