Real Time Information (RTI) FAQ's: Part 3


A range of IRIS RTI payroll software users have been participating in HMRC's Real Time Information pilot scheme since it began. Because of this, we have been able to discover some common issues which have arisen with customers, including understanding the legislation, learning how to prepare your payroll department and some technical issues surrounding submitting information in real time.

We discussed some of these questions in our earlier FAQ posts (Part 1 and Part 2), and this post will aim to help answer some common questions surrounding the more technical side of making your first and ongoing submissions to HMRC.

What information is included in an FPS?

  • Payment & YTD information
  • New Starter/Leaver details
  • Payment after leaving indicator
  • Irregular Payment indicator
  • Hours worked
  • Employee Name
  • Address – needed for a new employee, if NI number is blank, or if the address has changed
  • Date of Birth
  • Passport Number, if present

Do I make an employee a leaver before or after I have sent the FPS?
You make an employee a leaver after you have done the payroll and ran BACS, but before the FPS. That way they are marked as a leaver on the FPS along with their final payment. If you make an employee a leaver after sending the FPS, they will appear in the next pay period’s FPS.

What information is included in an EPS?

  • Employer References
  • Related Tax Year
  • Details of any STAT Payments reclaim or compensation is due in the month
  • Notification if no payment is due i.e. tax and NI liability is zero
  • Questions & Declarations

When do I have to submit an EPS?
If any SMP, SAP, ASPP, OSPP, SSP reclaim or compensation is due in the month or if no payment is due to HMRC (i.e. tax and NI liability is zero) - By the 19th of the following month.

Can I amend an EPS before I send it?
Yes, you can amend the values prior to sending the information to HMRC. This can be done if corrections are required for a previous month or if you are combining multiple companies to make a single submission. You can edit the Current Month and final/last YTD rows.

Posted by
Matthew Thompson
5 February 2013

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