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Let our experienced consultants advise you on setting up EARNIE for your individual payroll requirements.
We regularly meet customers who are losing hours each month by not exploiting EARNIE's time saving capabilities and 'best practice' procedures.  We can make sure you are using EARNIE in the best way and that it is set up to minimise your workload and meet your needs.
 Full review of your EARNIE set-up
 Review of data input and links to other systems
 Review of your processes with advice on improvements
 Selecting the most suitable reports
 Legislative updateJoin the many EARNIE customers who have saved valuable time each month by having an EARNIE Best Use Assessment.

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Payroll. Not something you can afford to get wrong. Doing a good job is all about focus and not missing a trick – there’s no compromise. The tools you use therefore need to be absolutely fit for purpose.


The introduction of RTI and automatic enrolment also means it has never been more important to ensure you are processing your payroll efficiently.


Book a complimentary on-site visit by one of our payroll specialists and discover how Earnie payroll from IRIS can benefit your business.

We will:

  • Help uncover all department requirements for a solution - HR, Finance, IT and Payroll
  • Look at current processes and where Earnie payroll will make this easier, e.g. import processes
  • Discuss your future requirements and forthcoming legislation changes
  • Discuss third party integration
  • Introduce Earnie payroll from Iris and demonstrate its powerful capability
  • Help discover how Earnie can be more cost-effective
  • Evaluate current system limitations
  • Ensure the path you are going down is the right one for your company


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